Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring is in the Air

Wow it is amazing how fast time has flown by since my last post. Lots has happened, and it is difficult to make myself sit down at the computer inside and blog when there is so much to do outside! So, be prepared for the novel of events I am about to provide insight for.
We last left off just before spring break. During my spring break I was able to spend time in my hometown with family and friends from high school. Halfway through the week, Erin and I went to visit our friend Kelly. She lives in Lawrence so we took a few days to catch up with her and we had a ball. We were able to see the St. Patrick's Day parade, watch some movies, and do what girls do best... shopping! We stayed up late into the night chatting and giggling like it was a slumber party from elementary school, but it made for a very successful and relaxing break!I then headed back to Kansas City for a few days, and while I was there, I got together with a few Sigmas and hit up Dave and Busters. We especially liked playing the jump rope game. It is basically a row of lights that is a virtual jump rope. We didn't earn many tickets playing, but the laughter and entertainment we got from the game were prize enough!After trying our luck at some other games, we did manage to reel in some tickets and when we traded them in, we all settled on these ridiculous furry ties. We actually wore them to our first Sigma meeting when we got back to school!After break I was refreshed and ready to get back to business to finish out the year. The first week I got back I attended Grad Finale. Here we finalize things for graduation, and I picked up my cap and gown. It boggles my mind that four years has already gone by here. That Saturday, University Student Ambassadors and the admissions office hosted Junior Jungle Day. This is a day that is catered specifically to high school seniors and their families to introduce them to Pitt and opportunities for education after high school.
Sunday was the annual Student Activities Council Easter Egg Hunt. It is one of the events we do each year to give back to the community and thank them for all of their support throughout the year. The hunt consists of games and prizes for children, as well as an Easter egg hunt and of course, a visit from the Easter bunny! The turn-out was great this year, and children were leaving with overflowing baskets. One of my favorite parts about this event is that we ask other organizations to join us and set up games for the kids. It is fun to meet all of the people from other organizations and interact with them while helping out the community!
Following the Easter egg hunt was Crimson Club. As the end of the year approaches, this is the last meeting we will have with Dr. Scott and his family before the new members for next year join us. This month we focused most of our conversation on alumni relations, and what we can do to help the university when we become alumni.
The weather has been clearing up and it has been far too beautiful out to stay inside. It is weather like this that makes it difficult to go to class because you would much rather be out taking in the fresh air! After class one day, Erin and I decided to use the breeze to our advantage and go kite flying! I had a blast, and once Erin gained control of her kite, she had a good time too! We then gave our kites to some kids that were playing in the park, and we had a little picnic complete with pb&j sandwiches, apples with caramel dip, and pudding cups! Operation in the park = success!The next weekend was Easter. I got to spend the entire weekend with family! It was so good to see my siblings and catch up with aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. The first day I spent at my parents house. We feasted on delicious homemade meals and laughed about stories from when my siblings and I were younger. I have eight siblings, but two of them are 2-year-old twin girls. It is always good to see them every time I am home, and I am amazed at how much they have grown. I may be biased, but I am pretty sure they are the smartest, cutest 2-year-olds ever! Hannah even told me this weekend that my sunglasses made me look "distinguished." I don't know where she learned distinguished, but kids really do say the funniest things!The twins got to go hunt for eggs with my younger cousins and nieces. They are still grasping the concept, and they tend to get preoccupied with what is in the eggs rather than trying to find them all!My cousins and I, who are too old to hunt for eggs, got to hide all the eggs. We also were the only ones to take naps at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I think our full bellies, sun-drenched skin, and our grandparents comfy couches all factored into perfect napping conditions. My last Easter as a collegian was great. Now just one more month to see everything else fall into place, and I am beginning to realize it is going to be a very busy month!

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