Monday, April 12, 2010

Taking It To The Streets

This last week was all about helping the community. Sigma Sigma Sigma's national philanthropy is the Robbie Page Memorial. The memorial was started in 1951 when our national president's son was diagnosed with polio. Originally the money raised was directed toward research to find a cure for polio. Since that has been found, the funds now help to build and maintain child play therapy rooms in hospitals. Ever seen the movie "Patch Adams"? That is a Sigma funded child play therapy room in that movie!
Each Spring, Tri Sigma at PSU raises money for the fund through an event we call "Rockin' for Robbie." We rock in rocking chairs for 72 hours to raise money. We started Monday off with our Rockin' For Robbie Kick off event. Jessica, Amanda, Courtney, Kelsey and Kelsey were a few of the 80+ people in attendance for the kick off event!
This year we teamed up with Lambda Chi Alpha. Each organization had 2 people rocking in the chairs at all times. 
Danielle and Sam were the first 2 to rock this year. I rocked from 10:00pm- Midnight that evening with my little sis, Lauren. Each person volunteered a minimum of 2 hours to rock.
After a week of rocking, we joined forces with other organizations on campus for The Big Event. The Big Event is a community wide service project that the campus participates in each year. We volunteer our time to the community to help families rake leaves, paint houses, clean and organize. If they need it done, we do it! I was the odd ball in my group for the event because everyone had a name that started with K except me. We were Melissa, Kacee, Kyla,
Kelsey, Kaylee and Kait. Team MKKKKK finished first and we were able to help in other yards.
Even though The Big Event is a lot of manual labor, we were blessed with great weather and we threw a little fun in the mix. Kait and I found ourselves in a "sword fight" at the first house after mulching the backyard! It was great to get out in the community and theank them for all they do for the university!

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