Tuesday, April 20, 2010

True Life: I am a Pitt State Greek

This last week was our annual Greek Week! The week is always filled with competitions and fun to the max. All of the Sororities and Fraternities compete on campus for the title of Greek Week Champions! Before Greek Week started, Sigmas won the intramural flag football championship! That was just the boost we needed going into this competitive week!During Greek Week we have several different competitions. First is Canned Art. For Canned Art, each house designs a sculpture out of canned goods and foods that can be donated to a shelter. The sculpture must go along with the them of Greek Week. This year's theme was True Life: I am a Pitt State Greek (TV theme.) The Sigmas got 1st place in canned art for our Survivor themed design. Next, the houses dasign a banner to be hung on campus to advertise Greek Week to the rest of campus. Sigma did a spin-off of The Real Housewives shows and our banner said "The Real Greeks of Crawford County." We got 3rd in banner. A new competition this year was house decorating. Each house had to decorate the front of their house in $30 or less. We did a Sesame Street theme. It said "This week is sponsored by the Greek alphabet." Each of the Sesame Street characters we painted was holding a sign with a name of one of our houses on campus. We got 1st! Later in the week we have Greek Games. The games consist of tug-of-war, pie eating contests, and relays. Sigmas took 1st in the games this year as well. My sigma family was at the Greek games, so we took a family picture!Thursday, I took a break from Greek Week to attend the Leadership and Awards banquet. This is where top honors for the school are announced. This year the Ali Kemp Fashion Show won PSU Program of the Year for the 2nd year in a row! Mandy, Tyler, Me, Michael, and Kait were there to accept the award.I also was awarded the PSU Outstanding Leader on Campus. It was an honor to be recognized for my involvement, and I got to share that moment with my parents which made it even more special.Back to Greek Week, Friday is the biggest competition and finale of the week, Airband. Airband is a huge lip-sync and dance competition. Sigmas got 2nd in Airband and 1st in Greek Goddess which determined that we were the Greek Week Champions! It was wonderful to see all of our hard work paid off when we got the championship trophy.The day after Greek Week was Sigma's annual Mom's day. Mom's day is when we invite all of our Moms to come to town. This year we made coaster sets and played some fun games to see how well we really knew our moms! The event was a total success and my mom won 2009-2010 Mom of the Year!

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