Monday, July 19, 2010

Exclamation Point

I have waited far too long to get on here and post. Time sure flies when you are having fun, and this summer has been nothing short of fun! Two weeks ago I met Lauren for lunch in Joplin. Lauren was my little sister in Sigma, and it was so refreshing to catch up with her. As a bonus we did a little shopping at the mall, and girls love shopping!It wouldn't seem right if I didn't add one of Erin and I's eating adventures to the blog! We were at it once again! For Erin's birthday, her parents met us for all-you-can-eat shrimp. It was delicious. It just isn't a birthday without dessert, so we managed to find room for some triple scoop ice cream!The next night i was lucky enough to catch Adam visiting Pittsburg at the same time as me! We grabbed dinner and caught up on all the happenings of our summers. It was so good to see him and I am waiting for the visit I was promised!Kacee has always had trouble making silly faces and cheesy faces for pictures. As you can see her skill have much improved and I see potential for many successful cheesy pictures in the future!My trips to Pittsburg aren't complete without visiting Michael and Andy. I was so glad they got to join us in celebrating Erin's birthday. And as the celebration continued I managed to get in a picture with the birthday girl! Like her outfit? After 2 hours and a combination of 3 design consultants, we managed to find her a whole new wardrobe complete with fun colors and new accessories. I must say, my favorite part of the collection are the necklaces we found. Aren't they cute?The birthdays continued this last weekend as we traveled to Kansas City. My uncle, Frank, turned 27, and we made it out to see him and snatch a piece of his keyboard birthday cake. Frank plays the keyboard professionally, and his girlfriend, Ali, made the cake herself for the special occasion! It was the perfect dessert for this birthday boy.The next day we spent at the lake soaking up the sun and swimming our little hearts out! We had some delicious bbq, live music, and all the sun and water you could ask for. Plus, with water pistols to top it all off, the day was nothing short of successful! Kacee, Erin, and I were a trio for the day and had some awesome times with all of our friends at the lake.After basking in the sun Saturday, we headed to a Royals game to cheer on the boys in blue. Although the game was a total blast, the temperatures were scorching hot. Sure made us miss the cold water from the day before! We all got together before the game to grill hot dogs and brats. Jeff and Meghan were in awe of the extremely large potato chips we bought at the grocery store. i must say, that is one of the biggest potato chips I have ever seen!The Royals didn't manage to pull out a win, but we certainly enjoyed seeing them. To top off our day, we got on the big screen singing Garth Brooks song "Friends in Low Places." Here is Kacee, Erin, Michael, Me, Jeff, Andy and Meghan enjoying the view from the outfield experience. We went out there to catch some breeze and mist from the fountains! It was refreshing to cool off a little on such a hot day!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Double Trouble

This blog is overflowing with little sisters! I have been spending lots of time with the twins, and they tend to create one picture worthy moment after another. The girls have begun to embrace summer and swimming. They are getting some cute little tan lines because we have been spending lots of days in the sun.
And behind those irresistible little smiles are ornery sides too. Every once in a while you will see their crazy faces come out!A few Fridays ago we traveled to Chanute, Kansas to visit my oldest sister Kristen and her daughters. We went to Chanute's aquatic center while we were there. The girls got a kick out of the water fort, slides, and lazy river.On Wednesday we went to Springfield to do some shopping. The girls found Veggie Tales hats at the bookstore. Sarah liked Bob, the Tomato, and Hannah liked Larry Boy, the super cucumber. We couldn't leave the store without the hats so the girls wore them out of the store, and even to bed that night!Then was the church's annual Independence Day celebration. I was so happy that Erin got to join us! We had a good time catching up. Her big test is just around the corner, then we will be able to hang out a lot more.The girls loved watching fireworks with our cousins Leah and Darcy, and yes, they still have not taken their hats off!