Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation Station!

It is official. I am a college graduate. This was my last week of college and I am happy to say it is over, but interested to see where life is going from here. Wednesday, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Tau Gamma, and Panhellinic Council hosted a benefit concert and bbq for a scholarship fund. It was nice to take a break from finals week and get together for music, food, and fun!
Friday, I graduated! The ceremony was held that evening. My family and a few friends got to come see me walk across the stage to adulthood! I was so happy that my younger brother, Bryce, got to come to town for the big occasion.
After the ceremony, I was able to hit the town with a few friends. Erin and Gabe are two of my closest friends since moving to Pittsburg, and they both joined me in celebrating my accomplishment.The next day I attended graduation parties for all of my fellow graduates. A group of us were joking about some of our favorite childhood snacks. We laughed about Funyuns and Bugles. At Andy's graduation party they had Funyuns and Bugles. Like old times, we wore the Funyuns as rings and put the bugles on the tips of our fingers! Mitch, Michael, Kacee and I were showing off our edible accessories.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello May

Wow it almost seems impossible that May is already here, and it has started off with a bang! SAC hosted our annual Spring Fling. Adam, Meghan, and Michelle manned the table and greeted everyone that came out for the event.Spring Fling was a fiesta theme and was filled with all sorts of fun activities. We had live music, pin'iata, a Mexican buffet, and a photo booth. We managed to cram eight of us into the photo booth. I think we almost knocked the thing over, but the pictures that resulted were well worth the effort!After Spring Fling, we all headed to half-price appetizers which has become a weekly ritual with our crew. Lauren was there too and we captured a photo in our sombreros!The next day was the Student Activities Council End of the Year banquet. We recognize our members, the outgoing and incoming executive officers, and give out awards. As Vice President, part of my duties are to plan this banquet. This was my last big task as VP. We feasted on a delicious dinner and handed out awards. Kyla will be taking over my position in the Fall. Adam is the current executive chair of Campus Stew committee, and they won the committee of the year. Michelle won the Markivee Award, which is the SAC member of the year! I must say, I have some pretty quality friends!This last weekend I spent relaxing and hanging out with friends. I participated in a movie watching marathon, cooked some delicious meals, and just tried to spend as much time as possible with all my pals before I head out of this town. I have known these two trouble makers for quite a while now. Michael, Brett, and I have spent a lot of time together, and even done a little exploring! I am working on my persuasive skills and trying to peer pressure them, and the rest of our friends to follow me to wherever I end up after school! We will see if my efforts pay off, but I definitely expect them to take a few road trips south next year!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Here, There, and Everywhere

This last week was filled to the brim with fun activities. I have had a list of things I want to do and try before I finish college, and with the end of college approaching, it is crunch time to finish my list!
On Monday, some friends and I declared a senior skip day and headed to Kansas City for a Royals game! Although some of us are from Kansas City, some of the girls that joined us had never been to see the Royals live, and they were in for a treat with the newly renovated stadium! The weather didn't exactly work in our favor, but in spite of the cold temperatures and freezing rain, we managed to have an awesome time! Here is the whole crew; Sarah, Katie, Mandy, Me, Cassie, Brittany, Mallory, and Audrey.
I met Zach, Mitch, and Jake for lunch at the Farris' Cafe later in the week. The Farris' Cafe, "Where every bite is a delight," is on the road I take to get to school every day and I have always wanted to stop in. I am now disappointed that I did not try it sooner! The food was delicious and our help was super friendly. Hopefully I will have the chance to try something else on their menu in the next two weeks!
Thursday was the last day for my job at the Phoneathon. It has been fun getting to know the people I work with and raising funds for the University. Everyday that I go to work I am reminded how awesome it is to be a Gorilla and I get to talk about my experiences and hear the stories of our alumni. Rebecca is my calling buddy. I have enjoyed getting to know her and the jokes and fun that has come from our time at the phoneathon!
This weekend I took a day trip to Kansas City to see my buddy Andrew perform in his Kindergarten Celebration! He was the pig that built the brick house in The Three Piggy Opera, which was a musical version of he three little pigs. So that makes him the smartest, strongest pig right?!? He did such a great job and I was so excited to see him shine on stage!
On the way home from church on Sunday we stopped traffic to capture one of the largest turtles I have ever seen! We ended up giving him a temporary home in our friend Andy's bathtub. Needless to say Andy had quite the reaction when he got home to find a giant turtle in his bathroom! It was all fun and games and everyone got a good laugh out of our new friend Howard! Here is the church crew/turtle tamers after capturing Howard!
The rest of Sunday afternoon was spent checking another thing off the list, Big Brutus. Big Brutus is one of the largest electric mining shovels in the world. It is 16 stories tall and it's dipper can scoop up to 90 cubic yards or 150 tons!
Jeff, Erin, and I posed at the bottom of the beast! Each of the pads over our heads weighed over 2,000 pounds.