Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello May

Wow it almost seems impossible that May is already here, and it has started off with a bang! SAC hosted our annual Spring Fling. Adam, Meghan, and Michelle manned the table and greeted everyone that came out for the event.Spring Fling was a fiesta theme and was filled with all sorts of fun activities. We had live music, pin'iata, a Mexican buffet, and a photo booth. We managed to cram eight of us into the photo booth. I think we almost knocked the thing over, but the pictures that resulted were well worth the effort!After Spring Fling, we all headed to half-price appetizers which has become a weekly ritual with our crew. Lauren was there too and we captured a photo in our sombreros!The next day was the Student Activities Council End of the Year banquet. We recognize our members, the outgoing and incoming executive officers, and give out awards. As Vice President, part of my duties are to plan this banquet. This was my last big task as VP. We feasted on a delicious dinner and handed out awards. Kyla will be taking over my position in the Fall. Adam is the current executive chair of Campus Stew committee, and they won the committee of the year. Michelle won the Markivee Award, which is the SAC member of the year! I must say, I have some pretty quality friends!This last weekend I spent relaxing and hanging out with friends. I participated in a movie watching marathon, cooked some delicious meals, and just tried to spend as much time as possible with all my pals before I head out of this town. I have known these two trouble makers for quite a while now. Michael, Brett, and I have spent a lot of time together, and even done a little exploring! I am working on my persuasive skills and trying to peer pressure them, and the rest of our friends to follow me to wherever I end up after school! We will see if my efforts pay off, but I definitely expect them to take a few road trips south next year!


  1. So what exactly is the Markivee Award?

  2. Actually after doing some digging I think I've figured it out. My Uncle was Steven Markivee. He was a student at Pittsburgh University when he died 39 years ago. Has this award been around that long? This is truly an amazing thing to find out after all these years. My grandfather would have loved to have known this. What exactly does the award constitute? I am very excited to hear back from you. Congrats on winning the award! ^_^

    Sincerely, Matthew Markivee