Monday, April 26, 2010

Epic Weekend

This last weekend was definitely a contender for best weekend of my college career. I was reminded how blessed I am with the friends and opportunities I have here at PSU. Friday capped off Sigma's week of sisterhood with our spring initiation ceremony. Saturday, I spent the morning participating in Hearts and Hammers. It is a community service project the technology department runs to help with building projects and fixing up houses in the community. My group helped a woman by painting her home and fixing her deck. That afternoon we celebrated our Founders Day with Tri Sigma. I was given the Golden Violet award for being a leader in Sigma and throughout campus. I was also given the honor of the Mabel Lee Walton award which is the Outstanding Tri Sigma Sister of the Year. After the Founders Day celebration, it was time to get ready for my last Sigma Formal as a collegiate member.
I must say, this was the best Sigma formal I have ever been to. Maybe because one of my best friends planned it, maybe because we had an awesome group of people in attendance, maybe because I had an incredible date, or maybe all of the above! I was so happy to be able to dress up and spend a fun night with my closest friends. Dinner was delicious, and the people at my table kept me laughing the whole night. Here we are posing for a picture with our dates.One of the things that made this formal extra special was that I did not find my dress in a department store or boutique. I actually designed my dress and my mom sewed it for me! I had to pose for a full dress shot with my fashionista friends Mandy and Sarah.Lucky for me, several of my friends who had graduated were invited back to join us for our special evening! I was super excited to see my friend Jordan back in town. All in all, I had an absolute blast.Sunday we had our last Crimson Club meeting of the year. We welcomed the new members for the 2010-2011 school year. We shared our favorite memories of Crimson Club and ate our last meal with Dr. Scott and his wife. Mandy and I posed with the Scotts before we left. This experience with Crimson Club has been a pleasure. Having the chance to spend time with the President and his family, and learn more about PSU has been unforgettable.

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