Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ah Summer!

Summer is in full force. Shorts are a must everyday, and the sun is shining. This time of year is my absolute favorite! I spent last weekend in Pittsburg. Saturday's main event was the USA vs England in the FIFA World Cup. We all got together for grilling, chips, dips, and soccer watching! I was glad Kaylee and Erin could join in on the festivities for a bit! Go USA!That evening I took Brooke out for an evening in Pittsburg and met up with some Sigma girls! We tried to take a silly picture, but Kacee always smiles during silly pictures. Luckily, I know her and I got her with the sneak attaack bunny ears! Brooke, Sarah, and Kaylee had no problem making a crazy face for the picture!After my weekend of fun, I headed back to Monett. We ordered pizza one night and the girls made a mess, but it resulted in plenty of bathtub fun!On our rainy day, the girls were pretty disappointed that they could not play in the pool. I convinced them that inside wasn't so bad when we built a giant blanket fort! Living with the twins is bringing back all of my old childhood memories, and I don't mind one bit!

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