Monday, December 7, 2009

Laughter is a Smile That Bursts

While planning my senior photography show I came across Mary H. Waldrip's quote "Laughter is a smile that bursts." It was this quote that became my inspiration. In my project I wanted to showcase portrait photography and I took pictures of people being serious, smiling and laughing. I then printed the serious photos in black and white, the smiling photos had faded color, and the laughing photos were rich in saturation. The project faded from black and white to color and from serious faces to laughter. I did this to emphasize that laughter really does burst. I mounted the images together and raised some off of the flat surface for a continued bursting effect. The project was very time consuming, but as I collected each image, my excitement for the project grew! i had so much fun building an image collection and designing a display for them. Now I just cross my fingers and hope for a good grade!

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