Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy Bee

Tri Sigma has been keeping me extra busy lately. In November my calendar was filled with Sigma events galore! It all started with the Panhellinic Leaf Rake. The leaf rake is an event hosted once a year. The entire Greek community at Pitt puts on their working shoes and heads out to rake the town, one yard at a time! It is a great opportunity to get to know people in other houses and be a part of helping out the community. The people in Pittsburg are so supportive of the school, that it is always awesome to give back and say thank you.

I am from a town with a college, but honestly, if you drove through town, you would not know the college existed. They get very little support from the community. Pittsburg is the opposite story. Every street you turn down has a gorilla somewhere or a sign of support for PSU. The town would bend over backwards for the school to help us start projects and develop. I am so grateful for the support the community members offer the school, and the support I feel as a student.

November also marked the date for Sigma Retreat. Each year, the sorority takes a day to get out of the town of Pittsburg and do something new, fun, and different. This year we went to CoCoa Key Water Resort in Kansas City! We spent the whole day relaxing in the lazy river, plummeting down water slides, getting drenched in the fort, and chilling in the cabana. It was an absolute blast getting to know each other and taking a daycation from school and classwork!

The last major event for the month of November was Sigma Formal. I like to think of formal as prom for college students. It is an opportunity to bust out the dresses we wore in high school, and get out on the dance floor! With dinner, awards, and a DJ, the night is something that is looked forward to every semester. Dressing up is fun, and spending that fun night with fun friends is a guaranteed pleasure.

Sigma formal marked the end of November. This means the end of the semester is quickly approaching, and final projects are being assigned, so the work has just begun for me. These next few weeks will be overflowing with graphic design and photography projects, and a chance to prove that I have learned and developed my skills this semester... I hope my teachers agree!

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